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      Hello,Welcome to Linhai Ouzhong Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.

      Strong teammanagement
      • Human Resources

        General information of company

        4000㎡ in total ,55 employees,8 classic designers ,25 fitters,2 project manager and 2 quality engineers 

        General capacity to make tools

        Every year could finish 60 set progressive dies and 10 set transfer dies

      • Equipment capacity

        To be sure provide same quality tools to final customer, we had invest 630T  mechanical press with auto-feeder to verifier different dies during validation in China, and use HEXAGON CMM machine check parts quality, provide PC-DIMS reports to customer, always keep inner blocks and cavities milling inside company and check before assembly... 

      • Project Flow

        To running a project, the general process will been: receive RFQ, analysis RFQ and answer what we can do, get offer. 

        Make one full planning according project schedule, follow planning to do layout / check with customer and improve layout / kick off layout and start 3D structure design ...

      • Technical support

        Mr. JinLongJian as one of holder, he had write series progressive die books and published many papers in national journals, it’s guarantee of tools for quality and techniques.



       Linhai Ouzhong Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.founded on June, 2010. It’s one professional automotive progressive and transfer die maker. (Before move company to LinHai, the initial name is :TaiZhou XURUI Precision Tooling Co., Ltd .) By using “ EURO-CHINA” this words as company new name, cause we want keep to provide our customer EURO quality but Chinese price tools.

      From company founded until today, EURO-CHINA had made more than 300 set dies, progressive die over 60%, include different kind of B/C/D class parts of vehicle ,deep forming with rotation cutting progressive die...[ MORE ]

      Honor CertificateHONOR+MORE
      Capacity of company+MORE
      • Y27K XUDUAN  hydraulic press
      • YS2 series H-frame Two-point Heavy Duty Presses
      • JH21 series C-frame Single Crank Presses
      • JB36 series H-frame Double Crank Presses?
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